Best Energy Drink Powder in 2020 (Natural)

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Here's the deal: 

Powdered energy drinks are the new wave. They're cheaper, tastier, and in some cases, healthier. 

In this post, we're taking a look at the best energy drink powder on the market that uses all-natural ingredients. 

Let's dive in: 

Energy Drink Powder vs Liquid 

Powders are usually cheaper than canned, liquid energy drinks because they don't have as much water inside. They're also cheaper to ship (lighter than liquid), which lowers their final sale price as well. 

Unlike a traditional energy drink, you can't open it and take a sip. Instead, it mixes with water. You may have to buy a shaker cup to mix with water properly, or you can use the Early Bird shaker cup that comes with your first tub. 

Having to mix with water in a place without water available - like football practice, for example - may be annoying. A canned energy drink can be consumed anywhere without a problem. 

On the other hand, having a bit of powdered energy drink is incredibly easy to carry in your bag in case you want it on the go.

Early Bird is meant to be consumed first thing in the morning and gives you long-lasting energy, so there's no need to worry about having water. You just mix it the night before and leave it on your nightstand. Wake up, shake, and drink - you'll instantly feel more awake! 

Why Choose Powder Over a Canned Energy Drink? 


Canned energy drinks can go for $3, $4, even $5 per serving in some locations. While the price isn't such a big deal for the occasional user, it definitely stacks up if you're a regular consumer. 

On the other hand, powdered energy drink mixes tend to be on the cheaper side because of lower shipping costs. And just because they're cheaper doesn't mean they're necessarily worse than a canned energy drink. 

In fact, we think Early Bird is the best energy supplement on the market for people who want to wake up early feeling amazing, ready to get sh*t done! 

Powdered energy drinks can have the same amount of caffeine, vitamins, taurine, etc. as canned energy drinks. Early Bird also has a bunch of other nutrients - more on that in a bit. 

More control 

Rather than having no control over the dose of caffeine, sugar, etc. when drinking a canned energy drink, powders give you more flexibility. 

Need some extra energy, or want a stronger flavor? Add two scoops to your shaker cup instead of one (careful, read the label and make sure it's safe!) 

Or if you don't want quite as much, you can add half a scoop instead. It's totally up to you. 

Best Sugar-Free Energy Drink Powder

Early Bird is by far the best energy drink powder on the market. It's also pretty healthy too for an energy supplement. The mix has everything your body needs to wake up feeling hydrated, in a good mood, and enough energy to get sh*t done all day long!

How? We've discovered the 3 secrets to finally wake up early without feeling miserable or hitting snooze. Early Bird's formula uses these three secrets to optimize your morning for the most productivity. Curious to learn more? Check out the 3 keys to master your morning here!

Long story short, Early Bird has the benefits of an energy drink without a ton of sugar and other harmful chemicals.

Whether you want to study in the morning without feeling tired or survive 8 AM classes, Early Bird is the best on the market. We also have a post about the best energy drinks for studying all night if you want to check that out. 

Early Bird uses caffeine from green coffee beans, which has a ton of documented health benefits as opposed to traditionally roasted coffee beans. 

L-theanine is another ingredient in Early Bird that promotes smooth energy and intense focus. It's an amino acid found in tea leaves that has a bunch of positive benefits. 

Early Bird also uses Ashwagandha (KSM-66) which combats brain fog and promotes mental clarity. 

After all, you can give your body all the energy in the world, but if your brain isn't functioning properly, it won't matter much - you'll still feel miserable! 

Lastly, Early Bird mixes with water and has electrolytes that promote hydration, as opposed to most energy drinks that actually dehydrate you. 

If you want to learn more about the Early Bird story and try some yourself, you can check it out here

What's the bottom line here?

Early Bird is the best energy drink around! 

Healthy Energy Drink Powder?

It depends on your definition of a "healthy energy drink powder." The only truly healthy energy drink is water - it's all your body needs. Most energy drinks - along with soda - are full of sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals that aren't great for you, especially when consumed every day.

On the other hand, not all energy drinks were created equal; some like Early Bird are sugar-free, for example. That being said, there are no incredibly "healthy" energy drinks, only energy drinks that are healthier than others. 

In terms of powdered energy drinks, they're no different than canned energy drinks in terms of health benefits. It all comes down to the ingredients in the energy drink vs. the powder. Mixing with water is the only difference between powdered energy drinks and liquid energy drinks that are already pre-mixed. 

Just like any other energy drink, I'd recommend everything in moderation. Specifically, make sure you check out the ingredient label of the energy drink powder, keeping a close eye on sugar/caffeine content. 

Sugar and caffeine content are the two things you need to look out for when choosing an energy drink powder. Consuming either (or both) in excess can have some negative health effects, including: 

Altered heart rate 

An American Heart Association study found that energy drinks can change heart rate when consumed in excess. Researches had study participants drink two energy drinks each after fasting, or they had a placebo energy drink instead. 

After measuring their heart rate, those who consumed the energy drinks had a noticeably different heart rate. It's important to consider how this may affect your heart rate, especially if you have heart problems. 

Increased anxiety

According to MD Edge, when you load your body with caffeine, it can give you a jittery feeling and even increase anxiety levels. 

This issue has never happened to me, but people who suffer from anxiety need to keep this in mind before consuming a lot of energy drinks. Caffeine abuse can also exacerbate mood, anxiety disorders, and disrupt sleep patterns. 

Definitely don't overdo it if you already have trouble sleeping at night and/or have anxiety issues. 

Higher blood pressure

Young kids and teenagers are especially susceptible to increased blood pressure as a result of consuming too many energy drinks (or even one energy drink). 

Increased blood pressure as a result of excessive sugar/caffeine intake can cause blood pressure to rise which increases the chances of other serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, and more. 

Though unlikely for such severe health consequences to arise, it's important for children and teenagers to avoid drinking too many energy drinks. 


Drinking too many energy drinks can lead to obesity, which is funny considering the common notion of athletes using energy drinks to take their game to the next level. But yes, energy drinks can lead to obesity. 

Sitting on the couch downing cans of caffeine, sugar, and other chemicals without being active, it's not good for you. Even drinking a ton of energy drinks loaded with sugar on a busy day isn't good for you. Sugar is the enemy of staying slim! That's why Early Bird is sugar-free.  

Generally, I'd only recommend consuming an energy drink when out and about performing physical activities, and those with a rather sedimentary lifestyle definitely should keep consumption to a minimum. Otherwise, it's unlikely your body will successfully burn the sugar, which turns to fat.  

What to Look for in a Powder Energy Drink? 

Here's what to look out for in a powdered energy drink mix:


Pretty much every energy drink on the market today has caffeine, as it's the active ingredient that gives you the feeling of additional energy. Powdered energy drinks are no different. 

Caffeine makes you feel more awake, alert and energized. It can even increase your focus if you want to study all night long. However, too much of anything is bad for you, including caffeine. The FDA recommends no more than 400mg per day.

While energy drinks like Early Bird are low in caffeine, a drink like Monster Redline is loaded with 350mg of caffeine, the same as nearly four cups of coffee in one serving. 

I prefer 50-100mg per serving, but depending on your preference and caffeine tolerance, that number can be adjusted to suit your needs. The bottom line here? Don't overdo it, and definitely don't overdose on caffeine. 


Sugar seems to be in everything we eat these days - energy drinks are no exception. Sugar may provide a short energy boost, but it's always followed by a crash. In addition, excessive sugar intake can have bad health consequences like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity according to this study. Pay attention to sugar levels and try to find a good powdered energy drink like Early Bird that's sugar-free. 


Look for an energy drink that's worth the investment - of course, prices will vary from drink to drink. I'd focus on value for the money rather than price shopping, especially when it comes to something you're putting in your body. 

$4-$5 a can isn't unheard of when it comes to canned energy drinks, which is why a powdered energy drink is a lifesaver in terms of budget. Early Bird, for example, has 45 servings per tub, which equates to $1.48 per serving. 

Not bad for those on a budget, especially considering how Early Bird is the best energy drink mix on the market for people who want to wake up early, feeling great and ready to get sh*t done!